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Questioning the status quo since 1984.

A black woman professor smiling

For 10+ years, I've served in various roles, developing clear and effective communication materials and content strategies for high-level organizations in media, publishing, government, and education.


...And then, one day, I quit my day job to pursue my true passion.


Writing, teaching, and career coaching are at the core of everything I do; it's what many of my friends, family members, and colleagues have come to rely on me for. I live for storytelling and helping people achieve their most elusive career goals.


A writer at heart, my passion for storytelling is inspired by the interesting lives of everyday people. My stories and commentaries have been featured in numerous outlets, including Huffington Post, WHYY, Medium, and NBC10.


As principal of The Queen Muse, LLC, I'm here to help you live your dream, whether that's creating killer content for your company website, starting a new career in media, or landing a story on the six o'clock news. Through carefully crafted content, publicity and strategic planning, I help you make the impossible, possible. Tell me your vision and I’ll provide the tactics and tools you need to make it a reality.


You're the genius. I'm your guide.

My passion for this work is derived from personal experience. As a former single parent and non-traditional student who dropped out of college for nearly six years, it once seemed impossible to me that I would be able to return to college to complete my degree. But through the wealth of information I've obtained over the years, I've found scholarships, grants, and internships that have catapulted my career into high gear. It is now my intent to share this information with young people of color so they too may achieve their career goals, at the least possible cost.



Don't just take my word for it. See what others are saying.


Melissa DePino


LeapFrog Group

"I have had the privilege of partnering with Queen on branding and marketing projects for independent schools through my company, Leapfrog Group. Queen is not only a skilled and talented writer, but she is also an intuitive strategist and thoughtful presenter who always adds valuable perspective to both process and product. I have the highest respect and regard for her both professionally and personally."


Mark P. Turbiville 

AVP, Communication, Thomas Jefferson University & Jefferson Health

"Queen is a gifted communicator, a natural leader, and a consummate professional. I was fortunate to recruit her to Jefferson to build a catalog of stories and profiles of faculty, students, staff, and patients. She exceeded every expectation and quickly became much more than our chief storyteller. Queen helped shape the content strategy for our website, resulting in increases in traffic, engagement, and donations. She built a reputation of excellence and was well respected by our deans and enterprise leaders. I’d hire her again in an instant."

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