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You have an outstanding story. Let's make it stand out.

Writing Supplies

Writing Services

With 10+ years of experience writing a range of materials for high-level organizations in media, publishing, government, and education, I’ve mastered the art of getting to the heart of any story and telling that story in a way that commands attention and affects change.


Hire me to write:

  • Blogs (HealthProductivity, Parenting, Culture)

  • PR pitches

  • Long-form magazine articles

  • Investigative news stories

  • Resumes and cover letters

  • Development and fundraising materials

  • Political and campaign materials

  • Speeches

  • Ghostwriting/co-writing (Blogs, song lyrics, memoirs)


Brainstorm to Success

Public Relations Services

The road to gaining publicity isn’t easy, but you don’t have to go it alone. When you partner with The Queen Muse, LLC, I'll identify the perfect mix of content development, media placement and publicity to get your brand the attention it deserves. With my guidance, you can find your place in the spotlight.


Hire me if you:

  • Have a great story to tell but need more publicity

  • Want to see your brand mentioned in top-tier television, print, radio, and digital media outlets

  • Need help creating compelling content for your website or social media channels

  • Are looking to attract new subscribers through effective email marketing strategies

  • Would like to improve your fundraising outcomes

Career Coaching Services

Many people dream of having a career in journalism or public relations, but for many minorities---particularly people of color, there isn't always a clear path to success in these industries. When you partner with The Queen Muse LLC, I'll introduce you to the resources you need to build a thriving career in the media industry.


Hire me if you:

  • Are a high school or college student of color who is interested in pursuing a career in public relations, journalism or communication

  • Are the parent of a high school or college student of color who is interested in pursuing a career in public relations, journalism or communication

  • Are a person of color who is considering a degree in communication but need assistance with funding/scholarships or grants

  • Are a person of color who needs help finding paid media internships or fellowships


Initial Consultations

To ensure the quality of opportunities provided to you, we offer one-on-one consultations in which we will confirm your professional experience, your personal history, your education level, and your career goals to link you with the appropriate prospects.


Scholarship Opportunities

Tired of searching through irrelevant listings on scholarship sites? Our consultants will provide you with a customized list of scholarship opportunities that match your qualifications. Since our lists of opportunities are crafted especially for you based on your major, ethnicity, financial need, and level of experience, after using our services, you're guaranteed to achieve your educational goals.


Internship Opportunities

Thinking about pursuing a particular job in media but not sure if it'll be the job of your dreams? Internships are the best way to learn what a job might be like before making a commitment. Whether paid, unpaid, or for course credit, our consultants can help you find the best internship opportunities available.


Career Coaching Services

Grant  Opportunities

There are many grants available for students, working adults, and parents in continuing education. Particularly, if you are low-income, have physical disabilities, or other unique living circumstances, these grant opportunities can provide the funding you need to go back to school. 


Resume & Cover Letter Review

Whether you're preparing to apply for a job, an internship, or a scholarship, a professionally written resume, and cover letter is a must. These documents serve as your first introduction to the company you're seeking employment with. Let us help you make a stellar first impression. Our consultants will review your resume and cover letter and provide advice for revision. 


Interview Coaching

So you've landed an interview with a potential employer, but you don't know what to expect or how to prepare for it. Our consultants will make sure you're ready, providing lists of frequently asked questions, posture/gesture training, and even tips on what to wear.


Application Walkthroughs

Applying for scholarships, and especially applying for grants, can be a tedious process. Typically, there is an immense amount of paperwork that an organization will require you to provide including letters of recommendation, financial records, and personal essays. No matter how daunting the task, our consultants will help you get through it, step-by-step until you're standing in the winner's circle.


Essay Writing Assistance

Most scholarship and grant applications will require you to write an essay. This is often the best opportunity for you to tell an organization your story, but it must be well-written. Our consultants will help you compile your life experiences in a concise and eloquent essay that is sure to leave a positive, lasting impression.

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